All You Need to Know About Baby Massage...


What Are The Benefits of baby massage for Baby?

This course provides a wonderful way to learn how to massage and connect with your baby and it has amazing benefits for everyone involved.

  • Relaxes baby & improves sleeping patterns

  • Builds body awareness

  • Stimulates the digestive system, improving constipation & relieves wind and colic

  • Improves all bodily systems including circulation and nervous systems

  • Organic vegetable oils used during massage keeps skin moisturised


what are the Benefits of Baby Massage for Mum?

  • Helps you to read your baby’s communication signals

  • Improves bonding with baby

  • Improves self-confidence in handling your baby

  • Great opportunity to meet other parents

  • Relaxes you and can help to reduce post-natal depression


Who is the Baby Massage Class Suited to?

  • Baby Massage is a relaxing and fun class for all babies from birth to crawling

  • Either Mums or Dads are welcome to attend


What Should I Wear?

  • You will need to wear comfortable clothing


What Shouls I Bring to the Class?

  • Bring your yoga mat,  a blanket or two and toys for baby


How Is the Course Run?

  • The course is run over 4 consequetive weeks and is not suitable for drop in facility as a different section is taught every week


How Much Does the Course Cost?

  • The 4 week course costs €100 of which some or all of this may be refunded by your health insurance company depending on which plan you have


Where is the Class Run?

The 4 week course is run in Ballyowen Castle Community Centre, Lucan. next course TBC

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