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Breastfeeding classes/Workshops

  • Breastfeeding your baby has multiple benefits for both you and your baby, most of which last a lifetime..

  • This workshop is designed to prepare you for breastfeeding your newborn and give you the information needed to get you off to the best possible start. Breastfeeding is a learned skill that can have various challenges attached to it - especially in the early days. Knowing what to expect have having the knowledge and skill to deal with potential challenges can be a life saver!

What's Covered in the breastfeeding classes ?

  • The benefits of breastfeeding

  • How breastfeeding works

  • How to know when your baby is latched on properly

  • Different breastfeeding positions are discussed and practiced

  • How to know if your baby is getting enough breastmilk

  • Common problems and how to deal with them as they arise

  • Expressing, storing, and using stored breastmilk

  • A comprehensive Breastfeeding Manual, Gift Pack & refreshments are provided  

Who Can Attend the breastfeeding workshop?

  • Any Mum who plans to breastfeed and would like to gain a deeper insight into the art of breastfeeding her newborn baby

  • Partners are welcome to attend also

When is the NExt Workshop?

  • The next Breastfeeding Workshop TBC

Where Are the Workshops Held?

  • Castleknock Hotel & Country Club, Porterstown Road, Castleknock, D15

How Much Does the Workshop Cost?

  • The workshops cost €65 for a two hour course and includes a free comprehensive booklet and refreshments

  • If you attend the Natural Birth Preparation Classes you will receive the Infant First Aid Workshop for free


home based breastfeeding advice and support

One hour breastfeeding consultations take place in your home and an assessment of your breastfeeding technique, infant latch and suck ability is carried out. A consultation also includes;

  • Identifying root problems and devising a plan of action to overcome them

  • Assessment for tongue tie

  • Follow up care if needed is arranged

  • Demonstration of various breastfeeding positions

  • Pre & post breastfeeding weight assessment

  • A comprehensive breastfeeding booklet is provided 

  • One visit is generally enough and a follow up phone call is arranged

How Much Does a Consult Cost?‚Äč

  • A one hour consult cons €100

  • A follow up consult costs €70

  • A two hour consult costs €150

  • Includes a comprehensive booklet 

  • Specialist referral made where appropriate

  • Follow up phone call provided when required

  • Most Health Insurers reimburse Lactation Consultations and you may be entitled to all or part refund with your Health Insurance Company depending on your insurance plan

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