New Baby & Infant First Aid Workshop - what is it?

  • This workshop gives newly delivered parents, or parents to be, an insight on what to expect in the first few weeks after the birth of their baby.

  • It covers the basic life support skills required to perform paediatric first aid on an infant from birth to one year if needed.

  • The hands on workshop covers both theory and practical skills necessary to prepare you in how to deal with an emergency when required

Whats Covered?

  • How to identify if your infant needs emergency first aid and develop skills necessary to alleviate infant from choking and provide cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in emergency situations

  • When to call for help

  • Airway management and delivering breaths in an emergency situation

  • How to give compressions during Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation

  • Caring for your Baby in the first month of life

  • Mum in the postnatal period - what to expect in the first 6 weeks


Who can Attend the infant first aid class?

  • First or second time parents who feel they need to recap or strengthen their skills on any of the above. Birthing partners are welcome to attend


When is the next Workshop?

  • The next workshop TBC


Where will the workshop be held?

  • Castleknock Hotel & Country Club, Porterstown Road, Castleknock, D15

How Much Does the Workshop Cost?

  • The Infant First Aid Workshop costs €35

  • If you attend the Natural Birth & Breastfeeding Worshops the Infant First Aid is included for free

  • Free comprehensive booklet included for free

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