What are the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

  • In prenatal yoga you will learn different breathing and relaxation techniques that will equip you to relax in pregnancy and labour

  • You will practice poses and gentle exercises that help to reduce and relieve aches & pains associated with advancing pregnancy

  • Gentle stretches and poses will help you to gain stamina and strength and regular practice will improve muscle tone - especially the pelvic floor muscles

  • It's a great way to maintain fitness levels in pregnancy

  • Prenatal yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, posture and alignment

  • Yoga is a fantastic tool to build and enhance your energy levels

  • Prenatal yoga classes give you the opportunity to take time out for yourself to deeply relax and connect with baby


What Should I wear to the pregnancy yoga class?

  • Wear comfy clothing such as a track suit and t - shirt


Do I need to have had previous yoga experience to attend pregnancy yoga?

  • No, pregnancy yoga is tailored to suit pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy


What Should I Expect During a pregnancy yoga Class?

  • Each class starts with a short relaxation session to centre the mind after a busy day, where we focus on relaxing and breathing

  • This is followed by some gentle warm ups and then the poses - done in seated, on all fours, standing, and lying down positions

  • All poses are done with the breath and focus on gently stretching and strengthening the body

  • Every class is completed with a wonderful relaxation session which is very often the favourite part of the class for most mums-to-be!


When Should I Start the Classes?

  • Prenatal yoga classes are suitable from 14 weeks until the end of pregnancy 


What Should I Bring to the Class?

  • Just yourself and a mat..! You may need to bring your own water too.


How Much Do the Classes Cost?

  • Drop-in costs €15

  • 10 week pack cost €129

  • Online rate €12 


Where are Classes Held?

  • Every Tuesday in Ballyowen Castle Community Centre in Lucan from 7.30-8.30 pm

  • Every Wednesday from 8-9pm in Laurel Lodge Community Centre in Castleknock

  • Online - in the comfort of your own home

Due to Covid 19 restrictions classes have moved from in-house to online as of 29th April 2020

All You Need to Know About Prenatal Yoga Before You Come Along...

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