“I sought Aileen out for a breastfeeding consultation, having struggled for the initial three weeks.I can only describe her as an angel who put me in the right direction there and then. If it weren't for Aileen, I probably would have given up on breastfeeding at that stage, but thankfully I'm still breastfeeding my baby 6 months on and plan to keep going!

Thank you Aileen”

Shannon, Dublin 15  

“After the birth of my first baby I felt very aprehensive about the process the second time round, and found that by attending Aileen's classes really prepared me for what became a lovely and calm experience and one that I treasure forever.

Thank you Aileen”

Mary, Castleknock

"I attended Aileen's prenatal yoga classes from the beginning to the end and found them not just informative but very enjoyable too.. As someone who is big into fitness, I felt the need to keep active in pregnancy so I joined Aileen's class at 14 weeks pregnant. The streches were great and the breathing techniques that I learnt helped me through the whole labour. 

Thanks so much Aileen"

Grace, Lucan

"I found the Prenatal Yoga Classes were set at a good pace and delivered with excellent instruction, that included practical and excellent advice. I would definitely recommend these classes to all of my pregnant friends and felt that the length of each class was just right. Thank you so much for everything Aileen, and looking forward to attending the follow-up classes with our baby"

Anne, Enfield

"I attended Aileen's Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Lucan and found that were really good and always seemed very quick as I enjoyed them so much. My favourite bit of every class was the breathing exercises which I found really relaxed me. To be honest I thought the classes were brilliant and I wouldn't have got through labour drug free without it"

Sarah, City West

"During my pregnancy I attended almost every one of Aileen's Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Lucan and enjoyed every single one! Aileen, your classes provide a gentle workout, but are so relaxing at the same time. My favourite poses during the classes had to be the squats and lunges. I loved all the little tips about nutrition and labour you gave each week. It helped me believe that I can have my baby all natural without any drugs. Thank You'

Jane, Leixlip

"I attended Aileen's Natural Birth Workshop and I found everything about it was excellent. The class was delivered with such positivity that it helped remove the fear out of giving birth and having a baby. It was great to get the handouts to take away and practice everything I'd learnt at home. I would recommend this workshop to my friends for sure as Aileen puts you at ease and it was great to be able to ask loads of questions and not feel silly! "

Jennifer, Castleknock

"I went to Aileen's Natural Birth Workshop in May '15 and enjoyed all of it! It was delivered in a very relaxed atmosphere and the length, content and handouts were just perfect and covered all aspects of labour. The options for pain relief and interventions during labour were all discussed and I feel so much more confident and informed in the run up to delivery and would recommend it to all. Thank you so much"

Sharon, Castleknock

"Aileen's Natural Birth Preparation Classes were relaxed and given with clear explanations which included useful visuals. Her experience as a Midwife was also clear in her advice and tips. Knowing how to prep before the onset of labour and how to avoid possible interventions were my favourite bits. The whole workshop was very helpful with lots of honest information and I feel a lot more prepared going into labour. Aileen is excellent, very knowledgable and calm in her approach. All very positive. Thank you"

Jess, Lucan

"Attending Aileen's Natural Birth Workshop reaffirmed my research/ideas about natural labour with minimal intervention. I found all of it very useful and would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thanks a million for a very informative morning. It will be great to be able to take the booklet away and refer back to it"

Eimear, Inchicore

"I went to Aileen's Breastfeeding Workshop and I found that learning the different breastfeeding holds and positions very helpful and knowing to work out when the baby is correctly latched on was great to know. How to identify when things are not as they should be and what to do when things are painful etc was also very informative. The timeline of what to expect day by day, week by week was very useful' Overall it was a very informative and relaxed day and there was plenty of time for questions with lots of advice and tips throughout the day"

Aisling, Lucan

"Aileen's Active Birth Classes were very informative and I genuinely felt that you'd never get this from a medical perspective. Found the day really relaxed, open and friendly and enjoyable. I'd absolutely recommend them to my friends as they were excellent, very informative  and useful - thank you Aileen

Tracy, Castleknock

"Aileen's breastfeeding workshop was really informative and it was easy to ask questions and interact. It was great to have more knowledge on breastfeeding in the first few weeks and it was good that my husband could attend as well and know about the various issues that can occur in the first few weeks"

Sharon, Castleknock

"Aileen's Infant First Aid Workshop was practical and the repetition ensured the steps went in! It was good to learn the steps of CPR and how to deal with a choking infant. I would highly recommend this course to everyone - not just new parents!"

James and Maria, Castleknock

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